Friday, September 19, 2008

Geico's Cavemen Still Has Lost It's Humor

The latest Geico ads using the caveman continue being mistakes. The original concept was a one joke commercial: Geico is so simple even a caveman can figure it out. Now they are extending the same joke, over and over again. It no longer is as funny as we’ve heard the joke many times. The new Caveman ads don't even have anything to do with the Geico’s insurance product but replay the same joke, over and over. The whole point of the joke has been lost. Plus, they no longer make sense. It no longer is ‘insurance so easy a caveman could figure it out’ but a modern person descended from a caveman can figure it out. Well, duh, yes, that's a human. Sorry, but either take the Caveman commercials off, or refocus them back to the product. Otherwise, they are a waste of Geico’s money.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

हाउ लीदेर्स मार्केट लीदेर्शिप

रेविएव ऑफ़ “तलक एन’टी चेअप…आईटी’स प्रिसलेस?” बी एइलीन म्क्दार्घ

एइलीन म्क्दार्घ ओब्सेर्वेस ठाट कोम्पनिएस् अरे मोरे सुच्सस्स्फुल व्हें इट्स एम्प्लोयीस फील इन्तेर्कोन्नेक्टेद. व्हें लीदेर्स एंड सुबोर्दिनातेस बेत्टर इन्तेराक्ट सो गोअल्स अरे प्रोपेर्ली उन्देर्स्तूद एंड फीडबैक इस कांसिदेरेड एंड अदोप्तेद व्हें अप्प्रोप्रिअते, कंपनी फंक्शन्स इम्प्रोवे. प्लुस, एम्प्लोयीस फील मोरे इन्वोल्वेद इन ठिर वर्क, एंड थिस कैन बे इन्तेन्सिफ़िएद् व्हें थे रेसिवे दिरेक्ट पोसितिवे फीडबैक फ्रॉम सुपेरिओर्स.

कोम्पनिएस् ओफ्तें वर्क बेत्टर व्हें ठिर मीटिंग्स अल्लो फॉर कान्दिद दिस्कुस्सिओंस एंड फोकस ओं हाउ देसिरेड रेसुल्ट्स शौल्ड बे अचिएवेद. शे वार्न्स ठाट तू मानी कंपनी मीटिंग्स अरे बोरिंग प्रेसेंताशन्स ऑफ़ डाटा टो एकाच ठाट मेक्स मानी फील थे अरे वास्तिंग ठिर टीम पर्तिसिपतिंग. एम्प्लोयीस शौल्ड फील एन्गागेद इन ठिर वर्क. दिस्कोंनेक्टेद एम्प्लोयीस तेंद टो पेर्फोर्म लेस एफ़्फ़िकिएन्त्ल्य्, व्हें कैन सेरिऔस्ल्य् एफ्फेक्ट कस्तोमेर रेलाशंस व्हो दिरेक्ट्ली डील विथ ठेस इनेफ़्फ़िकिएन्त् एम्प्लोयीस.

गूढ़ लीदेर्स नीद टो लीर्ण हाउ टो उसे naïve लिस्तेनिंग, व्हिच इस थे अबिलिटी टो हेअर सोमेथिंग विथौत शोविंग अन ओपिनिओं ओं वहत इस बीइंग सैद, एवें इफ थे लिस्तेनेर अल्रेअद्य हस अन ओपिनिओं. तेरे इस ओफ्तें अ नीद टो लेट ओठेर्स गेट ठिर विएव्पोइन्त्स् अक्रोस एंड अल्लो फॉर नेसस्सरी फीडबैक. गूढ़ लीदेर्स ओफ्तें उसे स्टोरी तेल्लिंग एफ्फेक्टिवेली, अस लिस्तेनेर्स गेनेराल्ली लिस्तें बेत्टर एंड कोम्प्रेहेंद स्टोरी अनालोगिएस बेत्टर थान थे दो अ स्पीकर प्रेसेंतिंग एन्द्लेस फक्ट्स एंड डाटा. शे अल्सो रेकोम्मेंड्स ठाट गूढ़ लीदेर्स सीक टो एन्कोउरागे पीपुल बी तेल्लिंग थेम वहत थे अरे सुप्पोसेद टो दो इन्स्टाद ऑफ़ कांसन्त्रतिंग ओं तेल्लिंग वहत थे शौल्दं’टी दो.

How a Leader Can Better Market Leadership

Review of “Talk Ain’t Cheap…It’s Priceless?” by Eileen McDargh

Eileen McDargh observes that companies are more successful when its employees feel interconnected. When leaders and subordinates better interact so goals are properly understood and feedback is considered and adopted when appropriate, company functions improve. Plus, employees feel more involved in their work, and this can be intensified when they receive direct positive feedback from superiors.

Companies often work better when their meetings allow for candid discussions and focus on how desired results should be achieved. She warns that too many company meetings are boring presentations of data to each that makes many feel they are wasting their time participating. Employees should feel engaged in their work. Disconnected employees tend to perform less efficiently, when can seriously effect customer relations who directly deal with these inefficient employees.

Good leaders need to learn how to use naïve listening, which is the ability to hear something without showing an opinion on what is being said, even if the listener already has an opinion. There is often a need to let others get their viewpoints across and allow for necessary feedback. Good leaders often use story telling effectively, as listeners generally listen better and comprehend story analogies better than they do a speaker presenting endless facts and data. She also recommends that good leaders seek to encourage people by telling them what they are supposed to do instead of concentrating on telling what they shouldn’t do.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Sign Yet on Whose Sign Makes the Best President

Recently, I viewed a photograph of the posters being used by Presidential candidates in Iowa. I observe that all the candidates fall back on the standard blue and red as their colors. In addition, nearly every candidate except for Guiliani has either the American flag or something resembling a part of the flag, either a star or stars and/or stripes on their posters. This is a mistake as someone bold enough to take a non-traditional color will stand out from the rest of the pack. Of the traditional designs, the Clinton and Dodd signs appeared to have enough originality that there are a little separate from the pack. The Huckabee poster stands out the best, as it is the only one bold enough to add a different color by putting Huckabee’s name in yellow even thought the rest of the sign is traditional blue and red. Thus, this poster stands out more from the others and is more effective, especially since al the other posters as barely distinguishable between the candidates, especially from a distance (which as how most motorists view the signs.) The “Rudy” sign is second best, simply because all it contains is the name “Rudy”. This would be a poor sign for a second tier candidate who needs name recognition. Yet, since caucuses attendees likely know who Rudy is, a plain sign with a bold “Rudy” also separates it from the rest of the pack of posters with the same colors and busy lettering and graphics. “Hillary” also successfully uses the gimmick of using only her first name. Yes the rest of the poster is too crowded with other information, making the Rudy sign a little more effective. The Obama poster is interesting as it has includes a non-traditional symbol, yet that symbol may be confusing to people viewing it before voters associate the symbol with the Obama campaign. If the Obama campaign does get voters to identify the symbol with Obama, then this will help, in the long run.

As a disclaimer, there are lots of other posters out there, especially ones that may be locally produced. This was a viewing of only a specific set of general posters put out by the campaigns. The campaigns are likely going to produce various posters through the campaign, so the above information obviously will not pertain to any other or subsequent posters.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Joan Detz on Communication

Joan Detz stresses the importance of successful communications. She recommends steps that people should consider in their communications. These considerations include determining what the other party desires to learn, avoiding providing them what they already know unless you may correct misconceptions, weighing what means others wish to receive your communication, and figuring out how your communication will be superior to anyone else’s.

She recommends noting useful tips such as people remember less from larger communications, that one should avoid vague and weak opening communications, simplify boring data and make data relevant to other parties, that people react better to communications that are offered with confidence, and that if one forgets what they are stating to avoid trying attention to the lapse while recalling one’s thoughts.

जों देत्ज़ ओं हाउ टो कोम्मुनिकाते

जों देत्ज़ स्त्रेस्सेस थे इम्पोर्तांस ऑफ़ सुच्सस्स्फुल कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स्. शे रेकोम्मेंड्स स्टेप्स ठाट पीपुल शौल्ड कोन्सिदेर इन थेइर कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स्. ठेस कोन्सिदेरतिओन्स् इन्च्लुदे देतेर्मिनिंग वहत थे ओथेर पर्त्य देसिरेस टो लीर्ण, अवोइदिन्ग् प्रोविदिंग थेम वहत थेय अल्रेअडी क्नोव उन्लेस यू मई कोर्रेच्त मिस्कोन्केप्तिओन्स्, वेइघिंग वहत मांस ओठेर्स विष टो रेसिवे योर कोम्मुनिकाशन, ऎंड फिगुरिंग आउट हाउ योर कोम्मुनिकाशन विल बे सुपेरिओर टो अन्योने एल्स’एस.

शे रेकोम्मेंड्स नोतिंग उसेफुल टिप्स सुच अस पीपुल रेमेम्बेर लेस फ्रॉम लार्गेर कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स्, ठाट वन शौल्ड अवोइड वगुए ऎंड वेअक ओपनिंग कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स्, सिम्प्लिफ्य बोरिंग डाटा ऎंड मके डाटा रेलेवंत टो ओथेर पर्तिएस, ठाट पीपुल रेअच्त बेत्तेर टो कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स् ठाट अरे ओफ्फेरेड विथ कोन्फिदेंस, ऎंड ठाट इफ वन फोर्गेट्स वहत थेय अरे स्तातिंग टो अवोइड त्र्यिंग अत्तेंशन टो थे लप्से व्हिले रेकाल्लिंग वन’एस थौघ्ट्स.

Alexander Hiam on Marketing

अलेक्षन्देर् हीं एन्कोउरागेस ओर्गानिजेशन लीडर्स टो लुक अत फुतुरे पोस्सिबिलितिएस् औफ़ अचिएवेमेंत राठेर थान कोन्सन्त्रतिंग ओं थे करंट स्तातुस औफ़ ओर्गनिज़तिओन्स्. थे वय टो अचिएवे ठेस गोअल्स इस टो दिस्कोवेर वहत थे कस्तोमेर्स औफ़ थे ओर्गानिजेशन देसिरे एंड थें दिस्कोवेर थे मांस टो कोम्मुनिकाते ठाट थे ओर्गानिजेशन ओफ्फेर्स वहत थे कस्तोमेर्स देसिरे. कोम्मुनिकाशन कैन अप्पाल बोथ टो थे रतिओनल डिसीजन मकिंग एंड थे मोरे इर्रतिओनल् एमोतिओनल डिसीजन मकिंग. हे अद्विसेस ठाट वनडे गेनेराल्ल्य शौल्ड चूसे टो अप्पाल टो एइठेर थे लॉजिक ओर टो थे एमोतिओंस औफ़ कोन्सुमेर्स एंड ठाट अप्पालिंग टो बोथ वेअकेंस थे अप्पाल. व्हें प्लानिंग ठेस कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स्, लीडर्स शौल्ड हवे कोन्तिन्गेंच्य प्लंस एंड बे फ़्लेक्षिब्ले टो चंगे ठेस प्लंस शौल्ड प्रोब्लेम्स अरिसे कोन्सर्निंग थे कोम्मुनिकतिओन्स्.

Alexander Hiam on Marketing

Alexander Hiam encourages organization leaders to look at future possibilities of achievement rather than concentrating on the current status of organizations. The way to achieve these goals is to discover what the customers of the organization desire and then discover the means to communicate that the organization offers what the customers desire. Communication can appeal both to the rational decision making and the more irrational emotional decision making. He advises that one generally should choose to appeal to either the logic or to the emotions of consumers and that appealing to both weakens the appeal. When planning these communications, leaders should have contingency plans and be flexible to change these plans should problems arise concerning the communications.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pepsi's "More Happy" Makes Me Happy पेप्सी's मोरे हैप्पी मेक्स मे हैप्पी

ई हवें'त सीन एनी ऑफ़ थे अद्वेर्तिसिंग, बुत थेइर उप्कोमिंग थीम ऑफ़ "मोरे हैप्पी" इस अ मोवे इन थे राईट डायरेक्शन. टाई सोमेथिंग पॉज़िटिव, एस्पेसिअल्ल्य हप्पिनेस्स, इस थे वय टो गो फ़ॉर योर प्रोडक्ट.

Geico the Gekko Works, the Caveman Should Become Extinct: गेइच्को, थे गेक्को वोर्केस, थे कावेमन शौल्ड बेकोमे एक्ष्तिन्क्त्

The gecko in the Geico ads is brillint. It gets your attention, it helps people remember the name of the company (Geico), they're funny, and people walk away remembering the message. The Caveman in the Geico ads was good the first time they used it, but it is time for the Caveman to become extinct. The subsequent ads only continue a joke we already got and the message of the product is no longer being mentioned (i.e. that using Geico is so simple a caveman could figure it out). Without continuing to keep the joke to the product's message, the message is lost. Funny commercials, but they now fail to make the point of the advertising campaign. Geico should either reshape the Caveman ads or stick to the gecko.

Rozerem Ads Fail to Deliver Its Message रोज़रेम एड्स फेल तो डिलीवर इट्स मेसेज

व्हें ई फर्स्ट सव थे करंट सीरीज़ ऑफ़ रोज़रेम एड्स, इत वास इन अ बिल्ल्बोअर्द. तेरे वास अ पिक्चर ऑफ़ अब्राहम लिंकोलं ऎंड वहत लूकस लिके अ ग्रौंधोग. मय गुएस्स अत थे टिम वास इत वास अ तेअसेर अद फ़ॉर प्रोमोतिंग पेंन्स्य्ल्वानिया, विथ लिंकोलं रेप्रेसेंतिंग गेत्त्य्स्बुर्ग ऎंड थे ग्रौंधोग रेप्रेसेंतिंग पुन्क्ष्सुतव्नेय्. व्हें थे एड्स काम तो तेलेविसिओं, इत टूक मे अव्हिले तो फिगुरे आउट ठाट ठेस वेरे सुप्पोसेद तो बे द्रेंस (व्हो द्रेंस अबाउट लिंकोलं ऎंड ग्रौंधोग्स, अन्य्वाय, ऎंड वहत इस ठाट सिलेंत स्पसमन डींग इन थे बच्क्ग्रौंद?). ठेस एड्स अरे तू कोन्फुसिंग ऎंड फेल तो मके थे कनेक्शन बेत्वीं अ स्लीप ईद, रोज़रेम, ऎंड थे लैक ऑफ़ स्लीप ठाट रोज़रेम इस सुप्पोसेद तो करे. रोज़रेम कैन मके अ बेत्तेर स्टेटमेंट फ़ॉर इट्स प्रोडक्ट विथ बेत्तेर एड्स. थे कोन्सप्त इस इन्तेरेस्तिंग, बुत थे एक्षेकुतिओन् इस पूर.

Avis Launches a Terrific Commercial: अविस लौन्चेस a तेररिफिक commercial

थे अविस अद विथ फेतुरिंग इट्स तल्किंग जीपीएस स्य्स्तेम बीइंग इन इट्स कार्स इस वैरी कलेवर. व्हिले थे अद विथ थे गाए फल्लिंग इन लोवे विथ थे फेमाले जीपीएस वौइस् इस एक्ष्त्रेमे, ऎंड तहस फुन्न्य, इत अल्सो तौचेस अत अन एमोतिओनल अप्पाल विथ कस्तोमेर्स. मान्य द्रिवेर्स अरे वैरी अत्ताचेद तो थेइर ड्राइविंग एक्ष्पेरिएन्केस्. विएवेर्स कॉम अवय रेमेम्बेरिंग थे तवो केय एलेमेंट्स ऑफ़ थिस कमर्शियल: थे product’s नामे: अविस, ऎंड हस सोमेथिंग मान्य द्रिवेर्स वुड लोवे: अ तल्किंग जीपीएस. ग्रेट कमर्शियल

The Afflack Duck Will Fly Again: थे अफ्फ्लैक दुक फ्लिएस

अफ्फ्लैक हस कोन्ताक्टेद थे मार्केटिंग विज़ार्ड एंड इन्फोर्म्स उस थे दुक इस सफे. आ मिसिंफोर्मेद एक्जीक्यूटिव हद थ्रेतेनेद इट्स लाइफ, बुत थे दुक हस बीन रेस्कुएद. थे दुक रेपोर्तेद्ल्य इस रेस्तिंग कोम्फोर्ताब्ल्य फोल्लोविंग थिस उन्सुच्सस्स्फुल अस्सस्सिनाशन अत्तेम्प्त. थे अफ्फ्लैक दुक इस एक्ष्पेक्तेद् तो फुल्ल्य रेकोवेर एंड रिज्यूमे कॉमर्शियल वर्क. थे मार्केटिंग विज़ार्ड अग्रीस विथ थिस डिसीजन. रेअदेर्स अरे अस्केद तो कीप थे अफ्फ्लैक दुक एंड हिस फमिल्य इन थेइर प्रयेर्स दुरिंग ठेस एमोतिओनल तिमेस.

The Afflack Duck Will Fly Again

Afflack has contacted the Marketing Wizard and informs us the duck is safe. A misinformed executive had threatened its life, but the duck has been rescued. The duck reportedly is resting comfortably following this unsuccessful assassination attempt. The Afflack duck is expected to fully recover and resume commercial work. The Marketing Wizard agrees with this decision. Readers are asked to keep the Afflack duck and his family in their prayers during these emotional times.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Avis Launches a Terrific Commercial

The AVIS ad with featuring its talking GPS system being in its cars is very clever. While the ad with the guy falling in love with the female GPS voice is extreme, and thus funny, it also touches at an emotional appeal with customers. Many drivers are very attached to their driving experiences. Viewers come away remembering the two key elements of this commercial: the product’s name: Avis, and that Avis has something many drivers would love: a talking GPS. Great commercial.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Afflack Duck Was a Problem, But Its Demise May Be Premature

The news that Afflack is abandoning its quacking duck mascot is mixed news. When an advertising symbol becomes bigger than the product, such that viewers fail to relate to the product as has happened with Afflack and the Afflack duck, a serious problem emerges. The problem though is not with the duck, which is now a widely known symbol for Afflack, but with the ads that failed to follow through with the connection as to what the duck was selling. Getting rid of the duck may allow future ads to focus on the messages Afflack needs to deliver to customers. Still, that quacking duck has become a powerful symbol. A better approach would be to keep the duck, as it that relates to viewers, and improve the message as to the Afflack product.