Friday, September 19, 2008

Geico's Cavemen Still Has Lost It's Humor

The latest Geico ads using the caveman continue being mistakes. The original concept was a one joke commercial: Geico is so simple even a caveman can figure it out. Now they are extending the same joke, over and over again. It no longer is as funny as we’ve heard the joke many times. The new Caveman ads don't even have anything to do with the Geico’s insurance product but replay the same joke, over and over. The whole point of the joke has been lost. Plus, they no longer make sense. It no longer is ‘insurance so easy a caveman could figure it out’ but a modern person descended from a caveman can figure it out. Well, duh, yes, that's a human. Sorry, but either take the Caveman commercials off, or refocus them back to the product. Otherwise, they are a waste of Geico’s money.


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