Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Sign Yet on Whose Sign Makes the Best President

Recently, I viewed a photograph of the posters being used by Presidential candidates in Iowa. I observe that all the candidates fall back on the standard blue and red as their colors. In addition, nearly every candidate except for Guiliani has either the American flag or something resembling a part of the flag, either a star or stars and/or stripes on their posters. This is a mistake as someone bold enough to take a non-traditional color will stand out from the rest of the pack. Of the traditional designs, the Clinton and Dodd signs appeared to have enough originality that there are a little separate from the pack. The Huckabee poster stands out the best, as it is the only one bold enough to add a different color by putting Huckabee’s name in yellow even thought the rest of the sign is traditional blue and red. Thus, this poster stands out more from the others and is more effective, especially since al the other posters as barely distinguishable between the candidates, especially from a distance (which as how most motorists view the signs.) The “Rudy” sign is second best, simply because all it contains is the name “Rudy”. This would be a poor sign for a second tier candidate who needs name recognition. Yet, since caucuses attendees likely know who Rudy is, a plain sign with a bold “Rudy” also separates it from the rest of the pack of posters with the same colors and busy lettering and graphics. “Hillary” also successfully uses the gimmick of using only her first name. Yes the rest of the poster is too crowded with other information, making the Rudy sign a little more effective. The Obama poster is interesting as it has includes a non-traditional symbol, yet that symbol may be confusing to people viewing it before voters associate the symbol with the Obama campaign. If the Obama campaign does get voters to identify the symbol with Obama, then this will help, in the long run.

As a disclaimer, there are lots of other posters out there, especially ones that may be locally produced. This was a viewing of only a specific set of general posters put out by the campaigns. The campaigns are likely going to produce various posters through the campaign, so the above information obviously will not pertain to any other or subsequent posters.