Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Geico the Gekko Works, the Caveman Should Become Extinct: गेइच्को, थे गेक्को वोर्केस, थे कावेमन शौल्ड बेकोमे एक्ष्तिन्क्त्

The gecko in the Geico ads is brillint. It gets your attention, it helps people remember the name of the company (Geico), they're funny, and people walk away remembering the message. The Caveman in the Geico ads was good the first time they used it, but it is time for the Caveman to become extinct. The subsequent ads only continue a joke we already got and the message of the product is no longer being mentioned (i.e. that using Geico is so simple a caveman could figure it out). Without continuing to keep the joke to the product's message, the message is lost. Funny commercials, but they now fail to make the point of the advertising campaign. Geico should either reshape the Caveman ads or stick to the gecko.


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